Timid shorts are the skimpy shorts you wear in the summer, but then realize they’re too short, but you already left the house, so it’s too late to change, so you’re like, fuck it, this is what I’m wearing now. Embrace your shyness and awkward hips, and roll with it!

TS is a blog/journal/newsletter/travelogue that captures my misadventures while being brained fogged by the internet (I’m being a good girl these days), getting lost while driving, traveling through empty places, but more seriously I wanted a place for the books I’m reading, films/tv I’m watching, music I’m dancing to, and the birds I’m chasing. I also include writing opportunities, because we all want to get paid and not live in a closet. So let’s try for weekly—unless I trip down a flight of stairs, then only monthly.

These days I’m having surrealist dreams, writing what I want (short stories, essays, poems, and reported articles), ice skating/swimming regardless of the season, on the road toward rainbows, or a grassy lawn below cherry blossoms.

Warning: TS does not promise that it will always be short. It just means to say that it will be cute like your favorite pair of shorts.


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a journal of misadventures in forgotten places


Writer, journalist based in D.C., exploring gender, nature, fem-horror in short stories. Words in Yes! Magazine, HipLatina, Broad Street Review, & others. VONA Alum with a BA in Journalism & Creative Writing from Baruch College.